Racism Comes from The Left.

Racism comes from the left because there’s no other way to play identity politics. If you treat people as individuals, identity politics cease to exist. When you separate people in groups, making blocks out of them and then force these blocks against each other that’s where real racism comes from and only one party in America is guilty of doing it. I’m talking about the Democratic party. It needs voices of minorities that’s why it has to separate them from everyone else, scares them into compliance, to become a sort of big brother who watches over them, throwing them crumbs off the table without making their life any better. 

If the Black Lives Matter movement wanted really to solve a problem, they claim so viciously of trying to solve they would name their movement American Lives Matter. Those thugs who they are rioting about were Americans but then again all of their ideas and demands propagate lies and racism. They want to provoke and then to claim. They want to throw a first punch and then to hide behind their race or ideology screaming of inequality and brutality they’re the solely the reason of. They play on the guilt of some white Americans to get out of them some money. Everything about this movement was and is about money and power. They claim to be socialists, communists only they’re nothing else but greedy, worse kind form of capitalists, frauds and cheaters. 

It seems so simple, one who sees racism everywhere is racist. One who screams of racism is racist. There are only feelings and feelings and feelings with no logic behind anything. We live in time when sense left so many of us. We have no more purpose. Our goals are quite pathetic. What else can we do but to imagine racism in every single thing? If everything is racism then everything must be destroyed, right? Let’s play Jokers since we are nothing else, but a bunch of mediocre clowns scared of responsibilities and useless in their core. 

You scream of systematic racism while you can’t name a single law of the state that prevent minorities from living life as everyone else in this country. I think systematic racism is real it’s just directed against white people. Did I shock you? Or you’re just rolling your eyes thinking I’m an idiot. Maybe I am but here me out. I can prove it to you. Two words, Affirmative Action. Think about it. Minorities got preferences to education and jobs over the rest of the Americans just because of their skin color. Isn’t it what the Left calls Systematic racism or Institutional racism? I think it is, but I could be just an idiot, just an immigrant from Russia who doesn’t know any better.  

When someone will fly a plane, you are on, or about to perform incredibly complicated surgery on your heart or brain see if the pilot of your plane or your surgeon are not victims of Affirmative Action. Their mistakes can be fatal. At first, I thought I shouldn’t think this way. But then I heard Thomas Sowell who said that after Affirmative Action took place people began doubting his abilities. 

Affirmative Action I’m sure helped some people but how about the rest, accidents who just use it to advance and then to become professional minorities making money solely of their skin color? How about them? 

The family of the thug got millions of dollars from the state plus several statues all around America. Do you know the name of this thug? You’re right. George Floyd. Have you heard about Tony Timpa? A white man, not a thug, had mental issues, needed help. Died almost in identical circumstances. Did his family get millions from the state? Does he have statues all around America? Have you ever heard his name? No? Why not? Because he was white. Because he wasn’t a criminal. 

Yes, racism comes from the Left. Hate crimes come from the Left. Check the statistics of offenders’ skin color, who commit all around America hate crimes. I’ll tell you it ain’t no whites, the rest you can find on your own. 

I don’t like to mind people’s skin color. I don’t believe someone’s skin color makes them better or worse. I like America because of this country’s incredible diversity. There are so many different people from all around the world. The Left tries to make us hate each other, fight with each other. They want power, the question is, what do you want? Ask yourself this question honestly without minding much your skin color. If you don’t believe me then look what the Left has done to black Americans. They not only reduced their population through racist tactics of plan parenthood that has been infiltrated in large numbers predominantly in black communities, but they destroyed their culture. Check their music. Ray Charles is dead, his corpse had been buried and his grave has been forgotten. Now it’s all about crimes, bitches, drugs and guns. How did it happen? Welfare and market and don’t forget the racist Left who pays people to fail because it’s so easy to control the one who failed. 

Once I saw a black girl screaming at white people to check their privilege. Once I saw a black billionaire athlete threatened a white cop for saving a black girl’s life. Once I heard of a black billionaire’s demand for reparations. Once I saw a mediocre black athlete who’s making money on social justice that is nothing else but racism. Once I saw a black writer who wrote a book about anti-racism where he justifies racism against white people. Once I saw a black TV star degrading white people because of their skin color without consequences and so on. It’s not that I mind them much, they have a right to do so. What I mind is this pure racism’s wide celebration and immunity from any criticism.   

There’s an idea among the Left that only white people can be guilty of racism. This idea by itself racism because it denies other ethnicities something that unfortunately humanity is in possession of. Martin Luther King Jr. was correct when he judged people based on their character because it’s the only way to correctly judge them. When you judge them based on the color of their skin you deny them humanity seeing them as a flesh with no soul, and character within. It’s a dangerous position of such judgment and incredibly false one but so many on the Left feel that it feels right and with their own feelings they are obsessed and the rest of us can go to hell.